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RAIHN by John Burr

RAIHN is the Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network. Our parish hosts RAIHN guests four times per year.

RAIHN Dinners

Volunteers participate in teams of three to plan, cook and serve a well-balanced meal to the guest.  They share the meal, conversation and after the meal clean-up chores with the guests.  Special training is available regarding this program, its goals and other opportunities within the RAIHN program.

Coordinator: Sylvia Kannapel

RAIHN Overnights

As part of our quarterly hosting of RAIHN, two individuals are needed each night to stay over with our guests and assist with breakfast preparation in the morning.  Anyone who wishes to serve as a volunteer should approach John Burr to schedule training that is required, including Safe Church training. These individuals should be compassionate and non-judgmental. Our presence among our guests is to be of service to them as the need should arise. We only interact at a level in which they are comfortable. The  volunteers are to serve as primary contacts in the event of any emergency.

Coordinator: John Burr

RAIHN Evening Hospitality

RAIHN is a ministry that provides safe overnight accommodations and meals for up to five homeless families at a time.  At Two Saints they are with us four time during the year for one week each.  Persons who sign up for evening hospitality are available in the evening between supper and lights out to provide activities (games, etc.) when our guests are desirous of them and/or otherwise be present to them.

Coordinator: John Burr

RAIHN Laundry

Volunteers wash a share of the used linens at the end of the week’s stay.

Coordinator: John Burr