Parish Email List

If you are a member or friend of Two Saints, we invite you to subscribe to our parish e-mail list. Please note the following list guidelines... 

  • Any member of the list may post a message by addressing it to Posts are normally announcements of parish or diocesan events or events otherwise related to the mission of the parish. Posts encouraging civic action are welcome as well, although the poster is asked to consider the relevance to the parish’s mission. Advocacy on behalf of political parties or politicians is discouraged. Opinion pieces about issues in the church are also welcome with, again, careful consideration as to parish relevance. 
  • Replies to posts should be largely for clarification. The list is not intended to be a forum for debate. Debate should be carried on off the list, and may return to it if the parties come to some conclusion that they feel will be helpful to the parish. 
  • All posts to this list are considered confidential and may not be forwarded without the poster’s permission. This does not include any post that has come from a public source: a blog, link to an article, etc. The rector’s sermons are always public in nature and may be forwarded unless otherwise specified. 
  • Commercial advertisements, chain letters and any form of personal attack or hate speech are strictly prohibited and may cause the list-owner to remove you from the list. The rector has given him complete authority to do so. 
  • You may change your subscription by going to Please note that if your e-mail inbox backs up and a message bounces back, you will automatically be removed from the list and will have to re-sign up to get back on. If you are going to be away from your e-mail for a significant amount of time, please either change your subscription to “digest” or remove yourself and sign up again when you return. There is no “vacation” feature on this list. 
  • There is no archive of this list. 
  • The list-owner for this list is Bruce Colburn, you may contact him at or call 585-546-7730. 
  • When using this list, please keep in mind that not all parishioners are on it. Never depend on this list alone in making announcements in the parish. 
  • Members of Two Saints are welcome to join the St. Stephen’s Parish list as well. Send your request to the