On Sunday morning parking in the lot next to the church, as well as the lot behind the church, is free. Any other time in the side lot, if a spot is open, do not pay but leave some indication on your dashboard that you are at the church (signs are available in the Church Office or from an ambassador).  We are always happy to reimburse for parking. If you ever receive a ticket, please return it to the parish office and we will take care of it.  You may only receive free parking if you are going to the church.  You cannot use it without paying for other downtown business or events.

The alleyway on the right side of the church, down which you can access the parish hall door, is jointly owned by Two Saints and the Academy Building owner.  The parking spots in the alleyway are completely on Academy Building property and Two Sainters should not use them at any time.  If you want to pull up to the parish hall door to unload or make a very quick stop (less than 10 minutes), you may pull up to the door.  Parking by Two Sainters in the alleyway is not a possibility.