The Vestry is equivalent to the board of directors for our parish. Nine Vestry members are elected by the parish to 3-year staggered terms  The wardens–who are elected by the parish to 2-year staggered terms–are the chief lay leaders of the parish and also serve on the vestry. The Vestry is chaired by the rector. The treasurer and clerk are appointed by the vestry for 1-year terms (they may or may not also be Vestry members).  Two Saints' Vestry regularly meets on the third Thursday of the month.

Here are the members of the vestry for 2017 (with their primary committee assignment and year of the Annual Meeting when their term expires).


Leslie Levy, Warden (2018)

Kelley McClenney. Warden  (2019)


  • Jesse Allen (2019)
  • Peter Blaszkow (2018) TBD
  • Francine Conwell (2018) TBD
  • Michael Davis (2020)
  • Carol Evans (2018)  Finance & Investment Committee
  • Marino Fernandez (2019)
  • Irene Marrero (2020)
  • Dawn Moore (2018)

  • Non-voting members:
  • Rochelle Coley (Treasurer)  Finance & Investment Committee
  • The Rev. John T. Burr (Deacon)  Stewardship Committee
  • The Rev. Saundra Cordingley (Pastoral Associate)
  • The Rev. Philip Schaefer (Pastoral Associate)